fractions: sweet talk for suckers?

the heat of the past week has killed our heretofore-struggling-in-earnest vegetable garden. done fried it up good and proper.

i keep getting interviews and being oh-so-close to getting work, but alas, no. this is miles from interesting, but is "funny" when seen through the lens of Grand Overarching Philosophy that i've had to assume in order to prevent a wholesale loss of my sanity and my shit.

everybody is nice and fine and well and good. that's a relief.

speaking of relief, i'm one-third of one century old today, and i feel like an uninformative lump on a relief map.

yesterday, when the air finally cooled, just before a big rainstorm, the wind blew around things and things around, like it's done, does, and almost certainly will do, but what was notable was the fugly creature that was detectable within it. WINTER. like Voldemort.  


  1. mmaggiee12:29:00 AM

    i had that same feeling of evil when the weather blew cold against the imposing heat. that feeling of, holy fuck, the shovel is by the driveway and there's a foot and a half of snow on the steps leading down from the door.
    also, i'm very sorry to hear about your garden.
    also (additionally), i don't know what i'd (or we'd) do without you (and m,d, and tiny). i hope beyond the stars we have more moments of summer together.

  2. mmaggiee7:03:00 AM

    baby lemonade