Afoot Ahead Ago (Go)


Another indigestible specimen of world-class conundrum?

Appealing a rejected filing for disability. Wanna know why?

In America, at least, to have a disability is to contradict the allegedly robust American spirit, to somehow disrupt the free-market feudalism that has, evidently, "gotten us to where are" while "paving the way to a better tomorrow." So, it's both afoot and ahead. And it's hogwash. Prosperity is as esoteric and subjective a term as you can get.

Stay on topic, Benb.

Okay. Disability. If you've gone to school for years and years, and you fall ill, then it's stated that you're not disabled if you can do any work. Like an erstwhile biochemist isn't disabled if he or she can be a greeter at Wal-Mart. Not that any job for which you're "overqualified" will humor you in the slightest. It has been, and doubtless will be, suggested that there is a body of laws to prevent malfeasance in this department, but I'll generalize here by saying directly that bureaucracies tend toward a lack of trust in terms of things that haven't happened to them empirically or measurably. And it's simply out of cruel, punitive self-interest.

While there is much more to say about this, I am afraid that I'll have to finish later.

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