Mea Maxima Culpa

12/17/2010, 11:15 AM 

It's been something like a couple thousand trices since I posted, and that's a longer interval than I had anticipated. I'm still mightily inexperienced with this (though less so with each typed character), and I appreciate your patience and understanding. This learning curve is steep and sharpI refer you to the brief appearance of questionable, incongruous advertising on this blog. 

Enlisting into an advertising thing was a good idea on paper, but we all know (or should know, by now) what happens with that sort of thing. I'm referring to the moronic dating and/or pop-culture ads that appeared sneakily on this site like a lecherous sot at a wedding reception. I deleted them as soon as, in horror, I saw them. Suffice it to say that I don't even know who the Karadashians are, although I do find it discomfiting that they have three sisters whose first names all begin with the letter "K." We don't have a television, but I spend enough time in the grocery store and logging onto a computer to encounter plenty of dreckthat's all time and brainspace that we are NEVER GETTING BACK, PEOPLE. 

(I'm digressing here, but take a moment to reflect upon all of the unpleasant music to which you have been involuntarily subjected in your life. I'm sure that there is something that everyone can agree is awful, but I dare not name names herein. Well, I implore you to, whenever you feel like it, think of every grocery-store slog, of every waiting-room sentenceof every single epic of preposterous earshot torture that your sense of self-preservation permits you to recall.  Add the running times for all of those experiences together, and you'll probably total a couple of months. [To assist with calculations, I'll provide an informal chart.] 

1440 minutes per day
10080 minutes per week
4.35 average weeks per month [rounded up]
525 949 minutes [rounded up] equal one year, and, no matter what the duration, all of that time that you've imagined, and likely much more, now belongs to the past. Eff everything.)

Oh, goodness. These days are passing too quickly, and I've got lot more to say on this post. I will try to say it later today. (I think that I probably need to type with these slothful fingers of mine in the morning, before anyone awakens.) Anyway, have lovely days, please.


  1. Oh, yes. This addendum is to inform anyone that cares about my striving to facilitate the posting of different things on here (music, poetry, pictures, advertisements for things that i probably find meaningful that are created by people that i definitely find meaningful, and the suchlike).

  2. "Caribbean Queen". That played everywhere for like 3 and 1/2 years straight in the late 80s.