12/16/2010, 11:46 AM

Issuing assurance (but not advice) to people is something that I've always done. Assurance from an outside source is a funny thing, in that so many attributions are given to its motivations, begging the question of what motivations are behind those attributions given to those motivations behind to those attributions ad infinitum  until everybody perishes with their heads either full or empty (like in a barbershop when you see a mirror reflecting a mirror and are confronted with apparently infinite versions of yourself getting a haircut, but you still look as closely as possible at the glowering multitudes of you to see one that differs from the rest, like that'll make you feel any better). The majority of assurance is either marginalized as effusive palaver ("Of course you like my macaroni art--you're my parents.") or viewed with suspicion (no explanation necessary, really).

However, I must offer this assurance to each and all of you, as we frantically ready ourselves for I forget what it's called: It is eternally okay to enjoy the heck out of your breakfast.
Ivor Gallaher's A.M. Aftermath, 16 December 2010

I'll write more in a trice. Several trices, actually, but certainly within a tricey span.


  1. You are most assuredly brilliant!

  2. Of course you like my blog--you're my mother.

  3. Very interesting topic this. i think giving assurance is always a good thing if the "place" from which it is given centrally consists of a sincere aim to assist the one being assured in the unearthing of her/his most essential qualities. Giving this kind of assurance; this kind of assistance, is one of the oldest and subtlest art forms. Four thousand years old, to be approximate.

  4. Well, now I remain uncertain as to whether offering exaltation(s) on your blog/being/writing - oh the heck with it! Reading your blog is like being with you in person (eons ago) at a picnic table replete with wine and other friends, having the most delightful conversation on a breezy summer eve. Fond memories of those days linger; of that I can assure you.

  5. More --- More --- More Blog Please