Whoa Is Me

* I'm in the midst of writing a colossal post that I would not deign to complete tonight (or even tomorrow, probably), so this is an irascible stopgapparatus--not a truffle, but a trifle.

Whoa is me.

Yeah, I mean it.

Do you know Whoa?

Well, that's me.

I have pretty much always believed, and this is in keeping with the integrity of my fitful profession as an editor, that correcting the grammatical foibles of others when it's not solicited falls strictly in the jurisdiction of a-wipes, but some of what I've seen recently has been thoughtlessly stilted.

(e.g.,"tender hooks" for "tenterhooks")

(or, the very title of this very, very post.)

also, sayings like "tough row to hoe" sees "row" replaced with "road"--such that the figure's meaning is transformed, from

"the work involved is comparatively disproportionate to the task"


"prostitution is not particularly lucrative in that vicinity."

Portland, ME (which, both clearly and erroneously, calls itself a city, and expects that its doing so will substantiate such an asinine claim) has had this tedious "Life is good." brand-a-thon/campaignery in recent months as Vacationland's target market has begun honing its focus upon the importation of wealthy retirees (never mind the thousands of STARVING retirees already here). Anyway, this is what they had to say in their gigantor end-of-year salvo:

Life is good.


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