notes from the new year

Happy New Year!

Right. By like 15 seconds, I "missed" the purported cusp, which is really just a time-zone thing, and you know how those are. At any rate, I was by myself at midnight, and I didn't feel any changes occurring tangibly but for being rather listless and slumbersome, so I fell asleep just like that big newyear's ball falls when it's dropped, which it's done ever since that Newton invented gravity. And so forth. 

So, I awakened, partially, an hour later. This happens nightly. And, encouraged by the tremendous gift of a laptop computer (from a friend/creative partner), I started writing. There was not much to it, but the undertow into the arms of Morpheus was instantaneous. The harmonics of the appliances active in my house first lulled me further into a hypnagoogic trance, and then started creating snippets of coversation, some of which I dutifully transcribed and posted on the blog before returning to full-scale sleep. 

What a mess. Perhaps I should've entitled it "I'll Explain Later."
inconsestibly by now i may have learnt and become learned bruised fruit emphatically
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answer when summoned as they had indicated otherwise pick yourself period
its not a complaint but my linen shirt is stuck on my knees by my elbows and the feeling
resembles a hostage situation see i move in a circumspect manner and bely me for fun until in stumply the loping farchoircornering chancechancechants gpstoypsilantimanticorethrombello see the balcony appreciate it but don't descend from it because it is imaginary and you'll recalibrate so unexcited oh heavily munderment it struffles, pents, and awlyneeeshed abin myboatshed highler he seasons the trespassmessing el be a bib astletts ephemanen homegroan madliss mish

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