The 2012 Time Capsule

Desmond, Ivor, Molly, and I have been attempting all day to construct a time "capsule" in as much of a nod to sadly outdated past predictions of the future as a way to sanctify the mundane in our lives.

Trouble is that we've been mired in this bog/fog/clog all the livelong day. But we'll have something going soon. It's an issue of focus, even though none of us had a drop to drink last nite.

This all started with my rarely (if ever) satiable curiosity about what happens in unseen/unheralded places. This curiosity is what leads to the phone's being answered when, by all probable accounts, it's a telemarketer or some vile Newsmax survey taker on the other end of the line. As we now "own" this house, I've taken to "exploring" it freely, which is not to say that I'll ever do all of the exploring that I would like to do.

There's an area beneath our stairs, for instance, where nothing is, as far as we know, excepting an envelope of space confined by walls. i've been yearning to experience the majesty of that tiny, esoteric nook for quite some time.

Molly has humored me extensively through our 8.3 years together, indulging my off-kilter theories and flights of fancy without judgment. This time, however, required a bit of doing, as our place is a wreck with all of its wallpaper removed and such. In the end, it was our dear friend and next-door neighbor, Maggie Sutton, whose suggestion really optimized the adventure. I'll paraphrase: "It's okay, because no matter what you find, you can leave something behind. Et voila! The Time Capsule. Contents forthcoming.

Here we are:

* 1 compact disc (a mix that I assembled and named "Philomena" as part of a project in which the songs on a disc would define a person's characteristics)

* 1 necktie

* 1 pair toddler's underwear

*1 Lindt Chocolate Bar packaging

*1 Electrical Outlet Cover

*1 Experian Credit Report, vandalized by Desmond

*1 Hot Wheels™ Vehicle

*1 "Feel Good" Card about How to Make Your Life Seem Meaningful

* 1 AA Battery

* 1 Alphabet Block, with letters and shit on it

* 2 DSL Filters

* 1 Family Portrait by Desmond Gallaher (ink on paper)

We deposited these things, sans "capsule," despite having found NOTHING in that "hiding place." And we were thrilled at what these items might convey to their future finders.


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  1. mmaggiee10:19:00 PM

    this makes me very, very happy.