Global Time Is Now

It's a bizarre day, and I'd say that it was something like "curious" if it were over, but it's not. There's that feeling akin to, "Alright. I'm done, and have seen quite enough. Can't we just make tomorrow longer and have the day end RIGHT NOW?"

I'll say that I said that it was good with me. And let us surmise that suddenly it was/is tomorrow. But somehow I've got to signify that, yes?

Why? To whom? To myself? Quoi?

It doesn't have to mean anything, which is just as well, because it doesn't mean anything. Necessarily. Because as "objective" as measures would like and are proclaimed to be, we're still assessing the assessment with imprecise circuitry.

Writing this outrageously stupid post , for instance, is something to which I could attribute signifying status (cf. significance), heralding a proverbial dawn, but the fact that to write this, let alone read this, is so very tedious is a de facto entreaty that it be lumped/clumped/dumped into posts of yore.

But I'm not finished, suddenly, and that's very difficult news for me to accept. So, I'll be concise.

We need to abolish time zones. I mean it. Everywhere'd be the same, operating according to the International Date Line. We would be so much happier with the freedom to generate our own associations. Here in Maine, the sun would rise at noon. But it would aso rise when it rises.

The tsunami of Boxing Day, 2004 happened. On that, we can all agree. But for Molly and me, then residing in Seattle, WA (in PST, which is GMT -0800), it was very much still Christmas. While that is an arbitrary example, it sort of underscores the dissonance germane to having a world that factionalizes simultaneous experience. With all of these foolish e-devices and i-contraptions everywhere, fetishizing immediacy, it's a wonder that the subject has yet to be broached.

When I introduced the concept of time-zone abolition to friends back in 2002, I was met with this response. I'll actually quote my friend, Nicholas Barker: "That is, without a doubt, the stupidest idea that I have EVER heard."

Meanwhile, I even devised a slogan, for promotional purposes: GLOBAL TIME IS NOW. This, sadly, was misinterpreted to have Zen leanings, but the reality is much nerdier, and cooler than that, because the reality is not that it is now; it's that now is flanked by thens, into which others are shoehorned unjustly. So, I humbly suggest that we reset and sychronize our timepieces in favor of something more equitable.

Let us now have a moment of silence, please. Yes. Now


  1. Anonymous11:56:00 PM

    That's an EXCELLENT idea!

  2. Thank you. It's been a long wait for validation.

  3. Anonymous11:58:00 PM

    I can only imagine, you unsung friend to humanity.