Blame Me

When our Desmond, who is soon to be 4, was soon to be 2, he began composing and producing the pithy aphorisms that proliferate to this day. Often, they reflect to us the turns of phrase that have come to substitute for precise language, to particularly incisive effect. 

An early example of this was seen in my declaiming having to do some-or-other pishy task that I had appointed myself to do (I think that it was donating blood). I said something mildly petulant about this to Molly (“I don’t wanna give blood today; it’s so nice out.”). Molly responded by saying, “I don’t blame you.” Almost immediately, young Desmond interjected: “Blame me!”

It snowed nearly a foot today. Everyone’s in hiding. Anyway, I am an extrovert, and am in need of human interface to an extent that is challenging to keep from sounding hyperbolic. Because all that I feel like saying is that my insides are withering, when that’s got to be an overstatement.  


  1. You are in for it with those two, watch out. 2 is a team!

  2. how's that beam looking ? ... sun shining today ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPso8I_jZXU ... Greg Brown singing "Spring Wind" ...

  3. oh desmond!
    do you consider yourself an extrovert? recently took the myers-briggs and I scored right in the middle.