Sudden Disarray

All that a person can do on the last day of March, with incredibly important paperwork due by day's end (it has yet to be done, and I can't even find it), the house appearing squalid with clutter, and no money with which to pay bills for the coming month, is laugh.

So, there was an outage in the Brunswick area that precluded my being able to post, and that's fine, but it really feels that some of these events are calibrated for maximal dissolution of momentum. Not for me specifically, but for humans generally.

I'll see you all in April, okay? Have a marvelous end to Marching, please. Out like a lion-sized rodent.


  1. your bio on the sideline still states your age as 32. you are wrong!

    just trying to be helpful. and show off that i am your friend, and know things about you, and have a keen eye for things like numbers and facts, just like you do.

    your eye is metaphorically sharper, surely, but my astigmatisms win the football (shaped) challenge.

  2. gosh, i thought that it would automatically update my age just like all other online social surveillance tools. or maybe it is waiting for my alternate birthday. i wish that i were another organism.

  3. what age would you like to be in perpetuity? 24 sounds fun to me. i mean, not re-live the 24th year of my life, but to physically be 24 again (forever) wouldn't be all that bad.

    or five. five could be tremendous.