That Is Really Something

Hi, all.

Typing these very characters, I wonder if anyone is out there. (not like "out there," because wow man i know). Seldom are people forewarned of the difficulties intrinsic to sustaining momentum while in solitude.

There is a need for any readers of this to say things to me, so that I might respond to those said things. There's an intensive transition underway regarding this site and all, and I've no wish for this blog to suffocate in the bog that needs traversing.

So, please? I promise that I'll respond. Thank you.


  1. Hi, Benb. I'm out there.

  2. Anonymous8:56:00 PM

    I have been wondering, can I love your wife without ever having met her?

  3. In my experience, there is nothing not to love about her.

  4. Now I am wondering: are you in any way affiliated with "Anonymous" the hacker?