I Am Ebbing (Hear Me Ebb)

What is it a Whensday oh gee

I got my MRI results! No bad news equals good news. Good news equals jubilation!

Yet, I tire. I'm sure that we're in unrealistic proximity to the North Pole.

What to do? All sorts of people have all sorts of smug gratification upon seeing our struggles, and that is of no use whatsoever to me. This whole time, I've actually intended to solve conundrums rather than inciting them. I've tried, and I've failed, to exist happily with my family in Maine, and I've got to be honest about that failure.

Maybe this is what it's like to start up a cornershop that sees no activity whatsoever. Produce goes bad, freezers leak, the weather extinguishes tourist season, and everything that happens feel portentous. You (probably do not) know what I mean.

In twenty years, Maine should be warm enough to guarantee us eternal comfort if we get to that point without irreversible misadventure. But it's an ever-safer bet within this ever-deafening crescendo of urgency that we should just go and be someplace else.

Hey! I'll tack something onto this that's somewhat life-affirming soon.

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