Reasons Why

That is a title of phenomenal inanity, but maybe I'll unearth in this process a reason for having titled this thus.

It's so damn gloopy that I spent 15 minutes, tops, outside today. For the unfathomable plodding remainder (cloudy days in Maine can't help but plod), I peeled wallpaper. We will be moving soon (although I definitely want to have secured sustainable work first)―most likely to Montpelier, Vermont.

Given that looming, which causes my ears to get hot and my pulse to quicken (because I tend to see myself as a mutated miscreant that's unwelcome everywhere), we've set about trying to optimize our home for alternate occupancy. So, I'm peeling wallpaper, which would be fine if it weren't a mainstay of the walls in EVERY ROOM. But I kinda dig it, in its way, as it is both meditative and methodical.

But then, the boys take to conducting themselves in uncharacteristically age-appropriate ways (i.e., causing each other injury and/or committing some grave material injustice), or the phone rings (although I can't read the display on my phone since a toddler's fit of pique damaged it), or something plucked from the hat full of factors in a way that might seem arbitrary, but in fact, is expertly calibrated to derail most doings.

I've got it!

Reasons Why Authoring a Short Blog Post Is Preferable to Authoring a Long Blog Post:

* I don't fall asleep.
* I don't forget about it.
* It's open-ended.
* It can be more frequent.

By the way, there's a book out, and there's a link to it: excuse me.

And, just to be that way, here's "Bite My Knee": yikes


  1. by the way, please comment. if i'd wanted nobody to comment, then i wouldn't even have started this undertaking. seriously.

  2. I feel the same way about comments!! Unfortunately, I had to stop reading at 'peeling wallpaper' because that brings back traumatic memories. Although my eyes did light on the phrase 'toddler's fit of pique', which also made me shudder.

    You probably have wonderful things to say, but you're giving me nightmares Benb. lol

    Check out a blog group I belong to, Tribal Blogs.com for some ideas on generating more comments. I would also be happy to share some tips if you'd like, just PM me at FB.

    Hope all is well. :)

  3. Not everybody is up at 11:26 PM when this was first posted. Our lack of commenting isn't because we don't links you -- but rather to the the infrequent updating schedule, coupled with the time said posts are posted. Daily content would yield stronger returns.

  4. a-ha. thank you for very cleverly dispensing excellent advice IN A COMMENT! Nice work.

    Desmond wants to switch his index finger and his thumb. I wished him luck finding gloves