I Had Let This One Go

I'm back. Like an erstwhile truant student, having to return to class after a protracted absence to feel pelted on arrival by conclusions drawn during the interim.

Although this and that are regrettable, I am bored by remorse, and wouldn't claim any for overunderstanding.

Per my receding from the fore of the fray (as it was and were), there's a teeming bevy of excuses. Which is exactly why I won't be using any.

Matters of now and ish must be typed into typed matter, and that's bound to happen soon.

I will sheepishly creep out of the classroom now.

1 comment:

  1. i'm imagining an entire virtual book of explanations as to why one has not been able to make proper entries.. with the explanations as carefully thought out and about as long (word-wise) as the "proper" entries would have been... what a gesture of will that would be...