The Thing about Things

Vagueness is very special, in that it initiates a process that is unique to each beholder. Everybody has a somewhat-different version of what "thing" means in any idiom. And I was being vague, but "the thing about things" at this moment for me is "the difficulty about titling blog posts."

The good news that I've been reluctant to divulge with the obnoxious enthusiasm that I feel for it is that Multiple Sclerosis, which has been a defining feature in my life for far too long, has not only stopped progressing in my brain, etc., but has actually begun a process of reversing. This is very exciting. I am absolutely stunned, in almost every good way (and in no less-than-good ways).

I instantly went to a place of infinite possibilities about the future and oh my gosh the present, and I marveled at how suggestible the mind is. (Does anybody else remember how verbs ending with el had their past-tense versions end with elled rather than eled? Marvelled. Cancelled. Travelled.) About how I'd been operating under the influence of limitations that had managed to pervade everything that I thought about myself, and how I'd enabled the alleged trajectory of MS to affect the imagined trajectory of my future. And then I was like, Nope.

And I would have been sad about that knot if it hadn't been so easy to untie.

So, that's my good news. It gets better all the time.

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  1. My dearest Benb,

    This is by far the best news I've heard for some time!!!! Keep living strong dearest one!

    And, an early Happy Birthday to you my friend.

    Much love, Essie